Automotive Activities

Automotive industries is one of the most growing industries in the current time. With the hype of Autonomous Driving, Electrification, Powertrain and Mobility as a service (MaaS), there is always increasing need to have more specialized and qualified expertise in critical areas like AUTOSAR (Classical and Adaptive), Cybersecurity, testing and verification

We do offer our customers the needed services to support their on-going projects through our qualified services that can be based on our automotive products offerings or as per the specific customer needs and use case. 




We have expertise with all common AUTOSAR applications and the bootloader stack configuration. Thus, we develop and assemble the appropriate design, concept and suitable tool-chain based on the specific project and customer needs.

Our services includes the following activities as an example: 

  • Static and Dynamic Design

  • Integration and Configuration

  • Verification (Automated/Reviews)

  • Debugging and Analysis

  • CDD Development and Integration



As a term, Cybersecurity refers to all the activities and components that can ensure secure booting, flashing, diagnostic and communication within the car. Our services are based on our offered products for the above mentioned topics. We also have the capability and knowledge to develop target specific components and modules that meet the customer requirements and standards.

V&V Activities

We offer different levels of testing activities. This includes unit testing, static testing, Software In the Loop (SIL), Hardware In the Loop (HIL) and other levels and types of testing. 

Our services includes the following activities as an example: 

  • RHS activities for the V-Cycle

  • Strategy definition and Planning

  • Automated V&V Activities

  • On-target / On-bench testing 

  • Continuous Integration 

  • Static / Dynamic testing