BMSvision Mobile Solutions


 This app allows users to keep track of their operations whenever they want and wherever they are. It provides alarm messaging, KPI reporting, and machine and order status monitoring on the smartphone of the user.


MyMEs Concept

ScreenHunter 2478.png

Benefits :


  • Real time alarm messages

  • Easy, personalized configuration of alarm settings, landing page and starting page

  • KPI reporting by department, division or complete plant

  • Machine status monitoring

  • Multi-language including Asian languages

  • Immediate reaction to problems in the production process

  • Higher efficiency trough minimized down times

  • Reduced rejects due to shorter response times to quality problems

  • 24/7 transparent production

The Smart Bracelet

Is a wrist wearable device capable of receiving messages from any BMSvision system. Messages are sent based on alarms generated by the BMSvision Events & Alerts module. The device promptly informs operators when there is a need to intervene on a machine.

SmartBracelet_Right_E218 Call Technician

For example, in case of a problem with a machine, the machine ID and a description of the problem are sent to the machine operator’s bracelet. The vibration of the bracelet on the wrist is easily detected even in the loud environment of the shopfloor. Operators will thus never miss a message and will act immediately in order to minimize downtime.


  • Receipt of message is indicated by a vibration and a flashing light

  • Configurable messages

  • Gesture and touch controlled

  • Time and date synchronized with the BMSvision server

  • Receipt of messages can be disabled

Benefits :

  • Faster reaction to problems

  • Reduced machine downtime

  • Increased machine nd operator efficiency

  • Reduced rejects due to shorter response times to quality problems


 Is a touch screen based is typically used as a group terminal in combination with Data Units that have no display such as the DU2P and DU7 as well as for machines without Data Unit. WEB-DU allows the operator to log on and off, enter declarations (stop declarations, product change, order change, …) and consult planning or production information.

WEB-DU_Plastics (WhiteTablet).png
  • Manual entry of down time reasons, scrap input...

  • Display of production information: OEE, KPIs, units produced...

  • Display of planning information: actual job status, jobs planned…

  • Job change procedures

  • Document control: setup, quality maintenance, instructions...

  • Operator tracking

  • Multi-language

  • Enhanced operator efficiency

  • Increased production efficiency

  • Reduced cost of purchase


Benefits :

Besides on fixed touch screens, the WEB-DU can also be used on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.