Embedded Software Development

Almost everything in our life has a piece of software inside it. Take a look around. Even the smallest devices, have inside them, this kind of strangely written letters that when coming to together, provide amazing features and options. Sometimes you wonder, how such letters can have the power to control and provide such capabilities. And who are these people that can write and understand this strange language? 


Well ... We are these people ... We have the knowledge, capabilities, and experience to design and develop your requirements and need using the latest technologies and highest level of quality. Read more to see how we can add value to your projects and activities. 

Our Services

We cover all activities starting with Requirements Engineering, Coding,  Unit Testing, Module testing, and System Testing. We also provide services for Refactoring and Target Specific Code Optimization.

Our Tools and infrastructure enable us to perform these activities as a turn-key solution for a specific project, are as independent activities as per the request and needs coming from our customer. 

Feel free to get in contact to get to know more about our offering and how we can help you with your project-specific needs. 

Our Capabilities

With over 50+ years of accumulative experience in the development of safety-critical software for automotive and aerospace applications, our staff has the deep experience and know-how in the development of Single and Multicore applications, for different Microcontrollers and Microprocessors architecture, using C and C++. Besides this, we have the capability to develop applications for specific architectures like FPGAs and GPUs. This is enforced and supported by our team knowledge of the industry-specific standards and quality targets and tools.

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