Hardware Design and Development

Modern systems require the integration of different technologies into a single product, and sometimes into the same board design. The current design incorporates subsystems like logic circuits, memory circuits, high-speed communication buses, numbers crunchers, and microprocessors.  Such complexity applies to almost every application starting from simple consumer electronics products, up to complex systems found in Industrial applications and Automotive industry.

Our team possesses the experience and know-how to enable them to take your requirements from just ideas, into a verified and tested hardware product, meeting all the functional requirements and environmental standards. 

Electronic and Power Circuits design

With over 20+ years of experience in the area of Hardware design, we have deep knowledge in design hardware circuits, components selection, and simulation. Our Experience includes and not limited to, Digital Electronics (MCU, FPGA, CPLD), Analog electronics (filters…), Wireless (RFID, ZigBee, Lora, Bluetooth, WIFI…) and Networks (USB, Can, Ethernet IP…).

Printed Circuit Boards Routing

We have electronic CAD service for the PCB routing of electronic boards. With the support of our electronics engineers, CAD engineers will integrate all the normative and technical requirements included in the specifications (written by the customer or by our teams). We follow the recommendations of IPC standards for the electronic design of electronic cards with the integration of thermal and dimensional constraints, signal integrity, industrialization constraints or EMC needs. Our team provides the ability to handle designs with analog, digital, mixed and HF circuits, with complex stack routing up to 12 layers. 

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