Indicators 1250 L used to limit overheating in industrial processes.

In the event of alarm, the instrument latches the fault conditions until reset by the operator. Reset can be run by the operator from the front key (red R), from the digital input (optional) or serial line (optional).
As an additional feature, the instrument counts the number of times the alarm limit is exceeded and total amount of time the alarm is active.
This information can help to evaluate furnace deterioration and plan maintenance work.

The displays show the process values, plus multilingual scrolling messages for diagnostics and alarms.
The 1250 L model includes a segmented bar that graphically displays the temperature deviation from the alarm limit.

Configuration and unit operation is done with the front keys.
The keys have dual-function LEDs indicating pressing of the keys. The LEDs provide feedback for pressed key and also provide guidance for permitted operations.

Initial commissioning is simplified by guided configuration text prompts that cover the commonly used base parameters accompanied by in line help messages.

With GF_eXpress software and PC, you can program the extended configuration, create recipes and update the firmware
without having to apply power to the instrument.
Thanks to the Smart Configurator function, you obtain the required configuration by answering a few simple questions. The initial parameters can always be reset, both from the keypad and from the GF_eXpress software.

The devices offer complete diagnostics (broken or incorrect connection of sensor), operation count, settable alarm limits (useful for scheduling preventive maintenance) A trigger meter and alarm memory reset timer are available
for alarm 1.
Maintenance of the system in which the device is installed is made easier by the ability to replace the instrument at any time simply by removing it from the faceplate.
No additional steps are needed.


  • Operator interface with large LCD Display, customizable, with choice of colors
  • Scrolling diagnostics messages, configurable, in the selected language
  • Easy, guided configuration, copy/paste parameters even with power off
  • Preventive maintenance with energy counters (kWh) and load switching
  • 16 function block applications
  • Timer, setpoint and algorithm programmer for controlling motorized valves
  • Advanced tuning of control parameters
  • Different password levels
  • Universal input configurable for thermocouples, resistance thermometers, linear inputs
  • Remote setpoint input
  • Relay, logic, isolated analog outputs
  • Up to two CT inputs for interrupted load diagnostics
  • RS485 serial communication in Modbus RTU
  • Controller assembly removable from the front for quick replacement.
  • Accuracy 0.2%, sampling time 60 ms

1250 PID Controller, 1/8 DIN

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