Highest precision
Analogue signals are transmitted to the controller or supplied to the peripherals with the highest accuracy and interference immunity. A microcontroller converts the measured values of the analog inputs and outputs with the calibration data and passes the standardized values on to the higher-level automation device.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optionally, analog current and voltage signals can be processed
  • Analog voltage inputs can be operated potentiometrically or differentially
  • Measuring accuracy due to high resolution and noise immunity
  • Input and output ranges can be freely defined by the configurability
  • Fast diagnosis in case of cable or sensor defects due to early break detection for analog voltage inputs

KeConnect C5

  • Analog voltage inputs: AI 570, AI 571
  • Analog current inputs: AI 575, AI 576
  • Analog voltage outputs: AO 570, AO 571
  • Analog current outputs: AO 576
  • Voltage mixer modules: THE 570,
  • Voltage mixer modules: THE 570, THE 571, THE 572
  • Current mixing modules: AM 575, AM 577

Analog Modules

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