In spite of the compact enclosure the F3 base unit offers all interfaces known from the PC technology like Ethernet and USB. Operator panels are connected over DVI/VGA or via the Automata Panel Interface, a solution to transmit video, touchscreen, USB and power over a single cable.  

The integrated IO bus allows the local or remote connection of F3 IO modules. For high sophisticated applications a sercos III master interface is available. 512 KB NVRAM and a CAN interface complement the list of important features for the application of the F3 as a automation controller.

The F3 base unit is programmed with CoDeSys in IEC-61131, as operating system Windows® CE is used. Other operating systems are available on demand.

CPU   Intel®-Atom™-CPU Z5XX 1.1 or 1.6 GHz
Memory   512 MB (max. 1 GB)
Compact Flash   1 Slot, accessible from front side
Serial Interface   1 x RS232/422/485 (configuration over DIP swictch)
USB   1 x USB over type A connector, 1 x USB over DVI connector
LAN   1 x Gigabit Ethernet, RJ45 plug
Keyboard & Mouse   over USB
Video   1 x DVI/VGA or 1 x Automata Panel Interface (MD)
Realtime-Ethernet   sercos III Master Interface FPGA based over PCIe, 2 x RJ45, 4 Diag. LEDs
I/Os   max. 15 local IO modules or remote over a max. 15 m long cable
CAN (Option)   1 x SJA1000, galv. insulation
NVRAM (Option)   512 kB NVRAM (w/o battery/accu)
Operation temperature   0° - 55° Celsius
Power Supply   24VDC
Dimensions   99x115x60 mm (2-slot base unit), 99x115x80 mm (3-slot base unit), 99x115x22 mm (IO module),
Mounting   DIN rail

F3 - Programmable Automation Controller with Intel®-Atom™ CPU

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