The ILW Performance Level ‘d’/SIL2 series of Gefran are pressure transmitters for using in high temperature environment with digital IO-Link output interface.

The constructive principle is based on the hydraulic trasmission of the pressure.

This new series ILW with “IO-Link” interface is a Smart device specifically designed to meet the requirements of “Industry 4.0” environment, with auxiliary information suitable to prevent machine downtime and thanks to the “mercury free” solution it can withstand up to 315°C of process temperature.

In addition, with PLd and SIL2 approvals, the ILW series is

the best solution for “Functional Safety” applications.

ILW Diathermic Oil - IO-Link Digital Output - SIL2 - PLd

  • ILM - Mercury Filled - IO-Link Digital Output - SIL2 - PLd


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