Exact positioning and speed measurement

Positioning modules from KEBA acquire position signals or speed information from incremental and SSI encoders.

Frequency measurement with incremental encoder module

The frequency evaluation of the rising and falling edges of both tracks leads to a significantly better time resolution of the frequency value at low encoder frequencies compared to the control cycle time. Thanks to an adjustable gate time, the behaviour of the frequency measurement can be adapted to the respective application requirements in terms of reaction speed and resolution.

Latch inputs for incremental encoder module

The assignment of the latch inputs to the incremental encoders can be configured as required. Worldwide usability is made possible by the simple switchability of the input circuitry (sink/source).

Integration of various SSI encoders

The individual SSI interfaces can be adapted to the specifics of the encoders used via various configuration settings, such as bit rates, telegram lengths, bit masks and coding.

KeConnect C5

  • Positioning module: MM 540, MI 550

Positioning Modules

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