SLX Series intelligent operator panels, high-performance, low-power,with LED backlight and touch screen for interaction between human operators and industrial control systems such as  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

  • LCD TFT LED Touch Screen

  • 5,7'' VGA

  • 7.0'' WVGA

  • 10.4'' VGA

  • 10.4'' SVGA

  • 12.1'' SVGA

  • 15.0'' XGA

S LX Operator Panel


    Flat Panel Monitor 60150000xx Series  
    Color Display in different size 5,7''-15''  
    Touch screen (resistive)  
    Software CoDeSys IEC 61131-3 Libreria e Win Mach Lite Automata SCADA  
     Portrait or Landscape Mounting  
    Protection class IP65 (pannello frontale)  
    Power Supply 24 VDC

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