Sedo-Treepoint I/O Modules

Profi 16 and Profi 32 :

These units are part of the modular design initiative that enable our Sedomat controllers to operate using either their own I/O, remote I/O or an optimization of the two. These peripheral modules connect to the controllers using a PROFIBUS DP interface and offer both digital and analogue inputs and outputs.

Both the Profi 16 and 32 were specially designed for the automation of textile finishing machines and are compatible with modules from other suppliers.

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Profibus DP:

PROFIBUS DP is a world wide accepted standard field bus for the connection of inputs, outputs, frequency inverters, PLC components, sensors, valves, remote displays etc. This standard industry bus has been chosen as part of our open connectivity strategy.

The field bus concept significantly reduces the panel building overhead by eliminating a large part of the wiring.

World wide, thousands of PROFIBUS DP ready peripherals are available so providing an enormous choice of components. This flexibility and freedom of choice will have a positive effect on performance and price of the machine automation.

The PROFIBUS DP field bus is supported by Siemens, Klöckner Moeller, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Weidmüller, Wago, Lenze, KEB, Hitachi, Festo, Parker, etc.


  • All inputs are equipped with green, all outputs with red LED’s.

  • All inputs and outputs are optical isolated.

  • 4 Status-LED’s showing the actual status.

  • All connections equipped with plug-in terminals.

  • Ready to use Profibus cable in desired length on request.


For Specifications: Download brochure


The flexible and scalable high-performance system is optimized for textile finishing machines automation.

It can be equipped with CANopen®, PROFIBUS DP® and Modbus RTU gateways:

  • Modular IO-unit: Up to 6 IO-boards per gateway, in an aluminum rail housing

  • Highly flexible modules:

    • Switchable digital 16-IO – 24 V/GND

    • Switchable analogue 4-IO – 0-20 mA / 0-10 V / PT100

    • Digital 8-IO (relay output)

  • Simple address selection via rotary switch

  • Compatibility with Profi16/32

  • 2 Fast counters (10 Khz)



  • All inputs are equipped with green, all outputs with red LED’s

  • All inputs and outputs are optical isolated

  • Status-LED’s showing the actual status

  • All connections equipped with plug-in terminals

  • Ready to use cables in desired length on request

  • Simple and fast assembly

For Specifications: Download brochure