Sedo-Treepoint SedoMaster

SedoMaster is a Windows based solution, designed to manage the dye house or an entire textile finishing plant. SedoMaster provides everyone, from the operator to the chief executive with an integrated solution, allowing them to manage recipes, processes and reports. 

SedoMaster supports all required interfaces to other systems such as chemical dispensing, recipe management and ERP. The result is optimization of all machinery (dyeing, washing, bleaching, stenter, dryer, calander, etc.), minimizing the cost. SedoMaster is a modular package that can be implemented in stages as and when required.

It is a strategic solution for the textile finishing industry.


The system is available as basic, advanced and expert package. On top of that, several options are available. Detailed user-rights enable an optimal adaptation to customer needs.

Basic system:
Production processes (programs, settings, etc.), are created and
downloaded with the Graphical process editor to the machine
controllers, enabling central management of production processes for each machine. This module is based on the familiar “Windows Explorer” concept, so reducing the need for training.
The graphic interactive Planboard schedules batches to the selected machine.

Based on production, calendar and shift times, it calculates the most probable start and end date of each batch and optimizes the production sequence.
The batches, together with their corresponding process can be downloaded to the machines and the Planboard automatically updates according to the actual production status of the running batches, showing the actual status (run/stop, alarms) using different color codes.


Advanced system
The data logger of the Management reporting module records all events (e.g. start, stop, parameter change, alarm, operator intervention, etc.) and process values (temperatures, speed, differential pressure, pH, residual moisture, etc.) for each batch.

The flexible report generator enables users to create reports and
formulas. Reports by shift, day, week, month, machine, batch,
color, article, customer or recipe can be requested. All recorded
values including times (sampling, loading, run, stop, alarms, etc.),
consumption (water, steam, chemicals, dyestuffs, etc.) and costs can be included in the user defined reports in tabular or graphical


Expert system
Link with recipe management system: SedoMaster can be linked
to the ColorMaster color matching and recipe management system and to other popular recipe systems.
Batches are entered in SedoMaster and automatically transferred to the recipe system which calculates the corresponding production recipe (dyestuffs and chemicals) and transfers it back to SedoMaster.

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